Privacy Policy – Research

Roger Lawson Consulting Ltd undertakes research on behalf of clients. This document outlines the our Privacy Policy specifically for the research projects that we run. If you wish to read our Privacy Policy for the use of this website, you can view it here.


Who is Roger Lawson Consulting Ltd?

Roger Lawson Consulting Ltd (RLC) is a specialist consultancy offering research and advice to not-for-profit organisations to help them engage and inspire supporters, members and alumni. We regularly undertake quantitative (e.g. surveys) and qualitative (e.g. focus groups) on behalf of our clients.


What happens when you take part in RLC research?

Quantitative research

When RLC conducts quantitative research, it will usually be run entirely anonymously. In this case, we will not ask you to provide your name or any other information that may be used to identify you (Personal Data). We will group together responses for analysis purposes, and the report will provide consolidated analysis. If individual responses or quotes are provided in order to illustrate the point they will be provided anonymously.

Occasionally we will ask you to provide your name or other data that can be used to identify you. (An example of this would be if we are asking you if you would be willing to participate in further research, and give you the opportunity to provide your details so that we, or the client, can contact you about this.) In these cases, we will be explicit in the survey as to why we are doing this and what we will do with this data.

Qualitative research

When we undertake qualitative research we will have access to your personal details in order to contact you and administer the research. The research itself will usually be conducted anonymously and, again, any responses or quotations used to report back to the client will be done anonymously unless you have given us your explicit permission to attribute them to you.


Do we share your data?

All your data is confidential. We will never share it with any other third parties unless you have given specific and explicit consent to do so or unless there is a legally binding reason for us to do so. (This includes not sharing it with the client commissioning the research.)


How long to we keep any data that we collect?

We will keep the data that we hold to administer the research and the data that is collected throughout the research in order to produce the analysis and reports that the clients requested. Once the research is completed, all Personal Data will be deleted unless it is explicitly stated otherwise in the research.


The Market Research Society Code of Practice

We adhere to the Market Research Society’s Code of Practice which you can read here.


What are your rights?

You have many rights under the Data Protection legislation, including the GDPR.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights, make a subject access request or have any other queries about this policy (or anything else) please contact:

Roger Lawson on 07929 208 848

In fact, if you have any other worries or questions, please do contact me and I’ll try to address them. And if you are unhappy with the way I do this, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which you can find here.