Getting to the “why?”

Of course it’s important to understand who your donors are, their demographics, where they live and what media they consume. But it’s far more important to understand why they give to you, what they are passionate about and how you can create communications that inspire them to go on supporting you long into the future.

I will strive to understand what their connection is with you and your charity.

Do they have an experiential connection with you? Have they suffered from the illness that you are trying to eradicate, do they live in the same community as the people you aim to help or have they seen your work first hand?

Or do they have an emotional connection to your charity? Are they angered by the injustice that you are trying to right, do they share the values or beliefs that drive your work or do they just feel sorry for the poor child or cat?

Of course it’s a complex combination of many of these, along with how they want to be communicated with by you.

I will help you understand this complex mix of connections so that you can create great asks and offers for them and develop effective communication programmes.

I’m one of that strange breed who enjoy analysing data – I like to ‘play’ with data, as this is often the way that surprising insights come to light. And I love meeting and talking to donors whether in a focus group setting or in one-to-one conversations.

If you want to know more about who your donors are, why they support you and how you can inspire them more, give me a call.