I don’t believe that strategies can be ‘outsourced’. They should be living, breathing documents that give direction and leadership to everyone involved in delivering it. For this reason, strategies should be developed collaboratively and owned by everyone.

So although I won’t write your strategy for you, I will lead you through the process, making sure that you ask and answer all the important questions, that everyone who needs to be involved is able to play their part and that we don’t lose time looking at unimportant issues.

At the outset, I can help with market analysis, competitor reviews and by looking at the environment in which you are fundraising. I will lead you through a process of reviewing these and identifying the most important issues for you to address.

Through workshops and other sessions, I will work with your senior team and all your staff to develop the strategy. This strategy may have several elements to it:

  • An audience strategy will identify those audiences that you should be aiming to reach, and what you will be aiming to achieve from them
  • A product strategy will look at the range of products that you have to offer, and will identify where you need to create new products or develop existing ones
  • Your messaging strategy will look at those messages that have the most impact with your target audience and will help to shape your overall proposition
  • The marketing strategy will look at what channels you should use to reach and engage your audiences and when you will communicate with them
  • And we will develop an internal strategy for making changes to anything that’s holding you back such as the way you work, the way you are structured or the systems and processes that you have.