How can I help?

I sometimes find it difficult to answer the question of what I do for my clients because it’s so varied. That’s one of the things that I love about working for myself.

At the heart of what I do is to help you to inspire more donors to give more.

  • Identifying target audiences and describing them
  • Insight – data analysis, quantitative and qualitative research, questionnaires and surveys
  • Building segmentation models – and especially finding the most significant factors around why people support you to make this effective and actionable
  • Proposition development – both unifying propositions to pull together the whole programme or specific propositions for appeals, regular giving, legacies and high value giving
  • Product portfolio planning – making sure you have a range of products (or offers) available to meet the needs of your different segments
  • Product development – including Membership reviews and development, high value giving products, committed giving products , events and campaigning
  • Supporter journey development – creating and testing all stages including lead generation, conversion, acquisition retention and development of donors

Please click these links to read more about how I approach working with clients to help them to gather more insight, develop their strategies and to raise more money.

I have worked both client side and agency side to help many organisations to break down their silos. This includes bringing together fundraising, communications and campaigns teams to maximise the value of all supporters through the integrated use of new and traditional channels.

  • Agreeing shared aims and objectives
  • Creating a clear vision
  • Developing a unifying, supporter-led proposition
  • Working with people to develop the culture, structures and skills to make it happen
  • Developing systems and procedures to enable them
  • Integrated supporter journey planning

For more information on my experience and approach to building integrated supporter journeys, have a look at this page.